Painting Event!

The Kfi Team and Kfi Foundation hosted an amazing event today.  We brought an art instructor to a local assisted living center and set up a painting workshop for 20 of the residents.  Dean became the painting apprentice for a very spunky 103 year old woman.  And one of the ladies […]

Pullups in the Snow

Question: What do you do when: 1) you need a 5 minute break for some fresh air, or 2) your computer system is not working and the help desk is not being helpful and recommends that you reboot your computer, or 3) you are going cross-eyed from reading reports and workpapers? […]

Playing Hard!

Like every other firm, K fi likes to say that “we work hard AND play hard”.  But sometimes it is important to step back and make sure that we are really doing this.  At our firm, we do a pretty good job at the first part of the equation – working […]