Halloween Craft and Pizza Party with Roundup Fellowship

The K Financial team hosted a Halloween craft and pizza party today with 32 incredible artists from Roundup Fellowship (and their counselors). Roundup Fellowship is an organization that serves people with developmental disabilities. The amazing people we spent the afternoon with are adults with varying levels of disabilities who are part of Roundup’s Community Participation program. The program allows individuals with disabilities to be involved in their community through a variety of activities such as parties, bowling, attending sporting events and more.

The K Financial team had a blast building haunted houses, decorating pumpkins, making masks and creating other fun Halloween themed crafts with our Roundup friends.


We made some great masks today!

Many masterpieces were created today and we were even treated to a dance performance by two spunky young ladies!  We ordered 14 pizzas for lunch and everyone had their fill.

The Roundup clients and counselors were a great group of people who clearly enjoyed being with each other and having fun. They were truly inspiring – it was amazing how genuinely happy many of our guests were today, despite the challenges life has thrown their way. There were several young ladies who had the most magnificent smiles and laughter we had ever seen or heard. They were a fabulous crew.  We are excited to add Roundup Fellowship to the handful of other amazing organizations that the K Financial Foundation works with.