The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless – April 30, 2011

The K Financial team (and special guest Kelli Leinweber) spent a recent Saturday evening at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless cooking dinner and serving 112 folks.  Lonny and Kelli did a great job cooking a huge vat of BBQ pork. Brian worked some magic turning about 100 cans of potatoes into garlic mashed potatoes. And Daniel and Jamie handled the drinks and dessert.  It was a fantastic night.  We only had one customer service issue with a heavily medicated individual who lectured Lonny for several minutes about the importance of “straining the beans” in chili.  Apparently he had some recent stomach issues that he linked to Lonny’s cooking.  Except for the bean guy, our customers were great.

The K Financial Foundation also purchased some goodies for the shelter that we handed out after the event: 20 sleeping bags, 100 pairs of socks, lots of jars of vitamins and toiletries.

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