Congratulations Lonny Leinweber!

On June 1, 2011 the K Financial team celebrated Lonny Leinweber’s 5 year anniversary with the firm.  At precisely SOX o’clock (4:04 pm), the team headed to happy hour to toast Lonny.  Its hard to believe its been 5 years!  Lonny has been a tremendous asset to K Financial and is highly regarded for his hard work and the excellent training and mentoring he provides to our team.  Lonny is always willing to do what it takes to serve our clients, even if it involves jumping on a plane on short notice. One of his greatest accomplishments the past few years was taking charge of our employee benefit plan audit practice and becoming a wealth of knowledge on EBP compliance and audit matters.  He also does a fabulous job managing a half dozen internal audit outsourcing engagements.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication Lonny!

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