K Fi Running Club Rocks the Dirty 30 Trail Running Race

On June 4, 2011 the K Financial Running Club headed to Golden Gate State Park for the Dirty 30 Trail Running Race.  We have been training for the race for several months now – attempting to do early morning group runs together whenever we can.  (The only exception to this is Lonny – who began training in earnest the Wednesday before the race.) The race was a complete success, with all member of the K Fi Running Club earning respectable top 10 finishes in their age groups.  One of the highlights of the course was a bear skeleton lying on the trail about 5 miles into the race.  At first it appeared to be the remains of a very large human – possibly an unlucky participant in last year’s race.  So it felt strange to just hurdle the bones and keep on running.  But the identity of the bear was later confirmed and we were relieved that it was not a fellow racer.


The K Fi Running Club after the race


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